Book Review: “Christ Alone” by Rod Rosenbladt

A short review of Christ Alone, by Rod Rosenbladt (NRP Books, an imprint of 1517, The Legacy Project, ISBN 978-1-945500-41-1)

This book,Christ Alone, lays out simply the importance of understanding Jesus Christ as being the only way we are saved from a corrupt world, corrupted by sin, death and the Evil One. It shows how many people, particularly people who consider themselves Christians, get this wrong. Not only does it show the “how” but also logically helps the reader unpack false theology and get a better grip on understanding “Christ Alone” as the only way. Absolutely brilliant is the chapter on the purpose of Pastors. To get this chapter, first read each chapter in it’s lead up. Then read this chapter and see the real purpose of a Pastor as bringing Christ Alone into the life of the sinner. Christ Alone is a book to give to both people who are struggling to understand Christ as their only Saviour, but also excellent reading material for every-Sunday-pew-sitters to be reminded what it is they are to be hearing throughout the worship service. I highly recommend the use of this book, or parts of chapters, in Adult Education opportunities to teach Apostles Creed 2nd Article and worship.

A review by Carl Thiele (October 2016)

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